Anonymous said: wow your drabble was so great! the part where Kakashi is reading to Ryouma reminded me of one of the character asks where he says he's really looking for intimacy, not just the physical side of things O.O always always amazed how you keep everyone in character

HI ANON. Wow, I have so many nice anons dropping by lately. *smishes you all* So, I got this and immediately shared it with Ki (who writes Ryouma), and this happened:

DK:  I got a new message about the drabble :D

Ki: oh EXCELLENT, share!

DK: *shares*

Ki: oooh, I love that they remembered that. 

DK: Right? I was like “…yes. YES. I totally did that on purpose. You betcha.”

Ki: Kakashi does say that to Ryouma, actually— “If I were looking for just a warm body, I could find that anywhere…” 

DK: … that’s TRUE *mad genius*

Ki: *high five for hindbrain consistency* 


”I am Groot.”


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Little comic about how to make zucchini bread in these trying times. Dedicated to CB Cebulski, Mike Hardin, Ming Doyle, and anyone else who sunk my zucchini bread deep within their bodies.

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how the bi-bros get fit quick


how the bi-bros get fit quick

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verklimt said: 'anyone's ghost' by the national isn't perfect, but 'i have a hole in the middle where the lightning went through / told my friends not to worry' and 'i didn't want to be your ghost, i didn't want to be anyone's ghost'; also maybe their song 'sorrow' as well. the mountain goats 'cry for judas' might work ('i am just a broken machine and i do things i don't really mean'). you're right, kakashi is /difficult/. usually i don't have an issue coming up with songs for characters. :/

Right? He’s the most difficult bastard. XD

I really liked the lyrics to “Anyone’s Ghost”, but the tune didn’t quite hit me right. Little too mellow? (That said, I had Famous Monster by Saliva as his anthem for Leaves, and that’s about the most dreary, mellow song ever, so.) 

"Sorrow" ripped my heart out. “Sorrow found me when I was young
/Sorrow waited, sorrow won.” Hello, yes. Definitely going to listen to that one again and mull on it. 

"Cry for Judas" — I like the lyrics, but the beat/trumpet is a little bouncy for Kakashi. I might wing that one to Ki for Ryouma, though. Hmm, or even to GM for Katsuko. 

I saw the other comment you left me, too. Feel free to send as many song suggestions as you like. :D I love getting new bands. 

Anonymous said: Favorite cameo of the new AU one-shot: Hakone! I really hope to see him in more Legacy pieces or AUs :-)

Hah! I’m glad you liked him; he was a lot of fun. :D  Ki is actually responsible for creating him in the first place, and Nezu’s considering picking him up as a secondary character to appear more in Legacy. I just stole him for a test drive. >.>

*pets his snarky wee head and returns him* 

Anonymous said: Hello! I just wanted to let you Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I left a lenghty comment on I Heard It In Your Voice Last Night on AO3. It didn't fit here, and I don't know how often you visit the site, so that's why. - Anonyymi


Actually, I got an email ping from AO3 and a ping from tumblr with multiple messages this morning, so my Monday started off EXCELLENTLY. 

I owe you some comments in return. I’m going to take a noodle through AO3 tonight and see how you go about responding to reviews. But in the meantime, I GOT IT AND THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

Anonymous said: Kakashi/Ryouma yaoi in introduce me was reallllllyyy hot omg their my otp XDD but why is Katsuko such a slut? Get out woman, no one wants you lol.




Not gonna lie, this message pissed me the hell off. I’m going to break down for you why.

1) We do not slut-shame here, period. We like our women, we respect them, and honestly, we should have more of them in Legacy.

2) If anyone was going to get dinged for being promiscuous in that fic, it would be Ryouma. But he doesn’t. Kakashi specifically does not give him grief about it, because we do not care about the amount of sex people have.

3) I added Katsuko to that fic for a reason, which is that I love her. Me, personally. She is one of my favorite characters, bar none, and if I’d had the time and the wordcount to turn that fic into something bigger and more epic (and I’d planned it better from the start), I would’ve added her from the beginning. You can be damn sure the next thing I write is going to feature her front and center, getting the love she deserves.

4) GM is Katsuko’s writer. She runs the ANBU Legacy tumblr and does a damn fine job of it. She also does a damn fine job of writing Katsuko, who is a multi-faceted character with depth, breadth, intelligence, and humor, and one of our core characters. WE WANT HER HERE. And you saying otherwise is like showing up on GM’s front door and slapping her in the face. Frankly, how dare you.

5) Women-hating in fandom is a thing I specifically hate. It’s a blight on fandom, a product of internalized misogyny and cultural crap, and it reflects poorly on all of us. We do not allow it here. If you have thoughtful criticisms, you’re welcome to give them. Otherwise, please show yourself the door.

If you would like to stay in Legacy, which you are welcome to do, then I expect an apology to GM in that inbox STAT.


Anon, I am deeply disappointed in you.

And frankly, really angry.

For a long time I’ve thought that we here at Legacy have the best readers anywhere on the Internet. You guys are smart and engaged and fun; you pick up on the hints we drop, you enthuse about the things we love, you even call us out when we mess up. And I still think most of our readers are brilliant — DK’s got a lot of great response to this fic already — but you just dropped a maggot right in the middle. 

It’s okay to think Ryouma and Kakashi are hot. It’s great to think they’re hot, actually, since that’s certainly what DK was trying to portray in that fic. But nowhere in this wide green world is it okay to insult and slut-shame Katsuko for being fun and lively and laughing and teasing and a really good friend.

Katsuko doesn’t trespass anyone’s boundaries. She sees Kakashi opening up to people, she tells him teasingly that if he wants to open up further she’d be interested, and then she leaves him to make his own choices. Ryouma’s the one who takes the teasing further, who actually kisses her. Ryouma is the one, as the fic points out repeatedly, who sleeps around, who has a lot of sex with different people, who should wear a condom when he has sex because you don’t know where he’s been.

And y’know what? Neither Kakashi nor Katsuko insult him for that. Kakashi actively refuses to judge Ryouma and takes a stand against people who do. Kakashi does this because he is a decent person, and people who’d attack Ryouma based on the amount of sex he’s had or the number of people he kisses are not decent people.

The thing is, you didn’t insult Ryouma for being a slut, though the fic gives you every reason to do so. You attacked Katsuko. Katsuko, who is one of the best and most interesting and most fun characters we have. Katsuko, who is the only woman on the main cast (because we’ve got major faults as well, and equal representation of women is certainly one of them). You attacked her because she got in the way of two boys kissing, and frankly that is such bullshit.

We don’t stand for woman-bashing here at Legacy. We fall down plenty of times on our own, and we’ll listen to people who call us out for that and we’ll try to do better. But we won’t take crap like this aimed at Legacy’s only female main character just because she dares to exist as a person in her own right.

There’s one more thing. DK wrote this story; he wrote Katsuko’s lines. GM didn’t. But GM is Katsuko’s writer, and what you say about Katsuko hurts her. GM is one of the sweetest, most loving, most fun and most wonderful people I know, and I am bitterly, savagely angry at you for hurting her.

Pretty sure I’m going to write really hot Ryouma/Katsuko fic for her this weekend to try to make it up to her. Or possibly threesome fic. So thanks for that at least, anon.

— Ki

Ki and DK have beautifully responded, and I agree with absolutely every point they made. We don’t slut-shame. We don’t denigrate women, we celebrate them. We don’t tolerate a misogynist fandom culture. We regret the dearth of female leads in Legacy, which makes Katsuko even more important. ANBU Legacy is a group effort, and we’re offended on behalf of our character, who is integral to the fabric of the story. And we’re offended on behalf of Katsuko’s writer, GM. When you attack one of us, you attack all of us.

Consider this, too, Anon. Your awfulness invalidated your praise. Did you think you were going to make DK and the rest of us feel good telling us how much you loved the hot yaoi? Did you think you were going to encourage us to write more of it? The second you attacked Katsuko, you did the opposite. You made us angry. Frothingly, heart-poundingly, deeply enraged.

But we can take a deep breath and realize that, in fact, your opinion is invalid: none of it counts. Including the praise. It’s like getting paid for something with a genuine five-dollar bill and a counterfeit hundred. No way are we going to trust that five.

So take your sham of a compliment and leave. Or, if you choose to stay, apologize.

— Nezu

Just going to pop in to support the writers and say that Katsuko is by far one of my favourites, and is a better character than many of the canon characters in my eyes. Keep on writing, GM. You’re a star.

You’re a love <3


Good lord, this got away from me in record time.
Gratuitous shot of Ryouma, palette number four, for ninjaeyecandy! Tattoos are unofficial, just me playing. Um.
Definitely not planning on putting this much work into all the memes. This was just, uh..anatomy practice. yeah.
Dragon details! It may not actually be bigger, idk.


Good lord, this got away from me in record time.

Gratuitous shot of Ryouma, palette number four, for ninjaeyecandy! Tattoos are unofficial, just me playing. Um.

Definitely not planning on putting this much work into all the memes. This was just, uh..anatomy practice. yeah.

Dragon details! It may not actually be bigger, idk.